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Want to train but you're on a super tight timescale..?

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

No problem!!

I've been offering training online for more than 7 years, and my clients come back time and time again as they find it a convenient way to be able to train and a lot of them prefer it to gyms!

The benefits of online training are many - here's just a few

- it's way more flexible giving you more time to be able to fit it into your busy lifestyle

- no lost time travelling to/from your training location

- you can still train even if you've had to go and pick up a poorly child from school, or they're having yet another home day!

- reduced petrol costs

- you stay warm and dry

- you can train in your back garden on sunny / dry days!

- no gym membership costs

- complete privacy

- 100% dedication to you with no interference from other gym members

- it's the ideal choice for those wanting to keep in shape, and stay fit and healthy

- it's brilliant for those with busy schedules

- you can even let your children join in (if YOU want to!)

The negatives of training online:

- your living space is too small - this is a rare situation for most! If you can lie down flat with your arms out to the side, you're good to go!

- this isn't suitable for men/women who are trying to seriously bulk up and attain muscle man/woman status - this requires more hands-on work from a safety perspective given the size of weights that would be required for most.

- it's not ideal if you don't have a relatively decent internet connection

So, if none of the negatives apply to you, then what is required for this to work..?


- ideally, but not essentially you would need a fitness matt - but a carpet or nice rug with a towel works equally well.

- you!

- a bit of space; to lie down and be able to stretch your arms out.

- a device with a webcam enabled - computer preferred, more for your benefit than the trainers.

- a wifi connection

that's actually all you need for a decent workout at home...

because I will train you using...

- You

- Your sofa

- Your chair

- A towel

- A dressing gown band

- A water bottle or two

- A pillow or cushion

- A rolling pin (yes, you read that correctly!)

...and anything else I see close to you that we can use to create interesting and efficient movement patterns for you..

If you'd like a free session to see how it would work for you, then get in touch and we'll get a date and time in the diary! email me at

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