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Pushing on through!

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

I'm sat here doing admin today (taxes....yawn!!), looking out of my window at the grey clouds and the pouring rain and it got me thinking about where I'd really love to be right now, and that is up in the mountains, looking down on the clouds, not up at them!

One of my favourite days out was New Years Day after a particularly late and drunken night (yes, us PT's do indulge on occasion too!)

I remember the start of that hike was SO tough, but after 20 minutes the blood started pumping around the body again, endorphins started to be released and the absolute wonder of nature took hold and before I knew it, I was on top of the world looking down at this...

...what a view.. !!

The moral of this story is not to give up, even if what you're going through is tough, because often if you keep pushing on through, that struggle will be worth the end result...

Talking of which, 15 more minutes of tax boredom and then I'm off for a walk on the wet and wild side with my two pups in tow !!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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