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Relaxing Back Massage

Here's why massage should be a regular part of your lifestyle...​

In this modern age of constantly being on the go with work, children and a social life, or sitting at desks staring down at screens for hours on end, many people find that they are stressed.  Stress in the body leads to imbalance with the body becoming tense, which leads to a variety of constant aches and pains, making it almost impossible to be able to truly unwind and get comfortable - not just mentally, but also physically - think of your shoulders as a common area of complaint when we think of tension.  Tense shoulders leads to aching backs, headaches and sleepless nights.

Massage has been used since the ancient times, originally believed to have Chinese origins.  Even Hippocrates is known to have used this form of therapy to aid the well-being of his patients and is something that comes naturally to many of us without realising it; when you rub your arm if you bang it, or massage your temples if you have a headache - this is massage in it's simplest form.

We all know that massage can bring many benefits, such as relieving stress and relaxing tired muscles, but there are also many more benefits, such as helping to increase blood circulation, encourage lymphatic flow and decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol which can build up within the body and lead to many serious conditions, including weight gain and increased blood pressure.

I offer a number of massage techniques, that include the traditional Swedish massage and deep tissue work, that allow for a perfect sense of relaxation in the mind and the body, working out all of the tension and allowing the body to settle back to its natural position.


If you would like to book a pregnancy massage for your partner, then provided they are past the first trimester and it is a single pregnancy, I would be delighted to welcome your wife / girlfriend and help them to enjoy a relaxing 60 minutes of massage, knowing they are in safe and competent hands.

For those who are struggling with pain or postural disorders, sports / remedial massage and muscle energy techniques allow me to work into the muscles at a deeper level, to help increase joint mobility, reset muscle length and aid in the release of pain.  This type of treatment leads in many cases to clients over-coming painful conditions after just a few sessions, finding they no longer needing to resort to pain medication; conditions such as chronic lower back pain, sciatica and plantar-fasciitis.

As a certified level 4 therapist, I am trained in a wide variety of techniques and work in a holistic fashion to determine the needs of you as an individual; if you come in for a Swedish Massage but I find an area that would benefit from an alternative technique, then with your agreement, that will be included in your treatment.


In addition to being highly skilled as a massage therapist, I've also been a specialist in exercise and movement for 12 years - bringing together a high level of knowledge and expertise in the combined areas of therapy based movement and massage techniques, allowing you to benefit not just from a standard massage treatment, but from the advice and guidance of someone who truly understands the human body.

If you would like to book an appointment for a massage or would like to discuss any of the treatments or services I offer, please contact Kim on +34 651 924 973

Testimonial 2020

Working with Kim has significantly enhanced the quality of my everyday life. Having dealt with low-back pains for more than a decade, the things I could do workout-wise were limited to some non-dynamic lifts, and I had given up on things like sprints and martial arts. In our first meeting Kim gave me an evaluation that spotted the source of the problem, and came up with a regime of massage and stretching that would make things better. Within 4 months I had returned to martial arts (after 12 years), and added things in my workout, like squats, that were never part of my routine.

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