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I've been coaching people in fitness for more than a decade and have worked with hundreds of people - of all ages, from many different countries and from all walks of life - there are not many body shapes I haven't seen, nor conditions I haven't worked with.

Over the years, I found that many people have sought out my help not only to help them lose weight and feel happier when they look in the mirror, but a large number of people have come to me because they were in pain or not able to do the things in life that we should all be able to do - regardless of age.

So, there are many reasons people seek help with their health and fitness goals, but mostly it’s because they continually fail to meet their goals and are frustrated with not knowing why, or how to make the changes that will bring them results.

If you are constantly battling with your weight or the ability to change your body change by adding muscle, or know that you need to increase your fitness levels, then I'd love to hear from you.

Often the changes you want / need can happen quite quickly - you just need to have the right information and the right guidance.  I don't only provide you with the tools to achieve your goals for the short term, but with the tools and know-how to maintain those changes.

Personal training is a joint venture - between you and me, so you're no longer out there battling on your own - you have me by your side to help guide you in the right way towards your goals :-)

Training session are provided in-person in Sant Feliu de Guixols, just 30 minutes from Girona, 
or online using your preferred

Testimonial 2021

"My experience of working with other trainers prior to training with Kim often left me feeling confused and resentful and I never reached my full potential.  Kim has shown me that training doesn`t have to be painful and your nutrition doesn`t have to mean eating like a bodybuilder. My form was not good after years of bad training and I am capable of so much more now that I have the correct techniques to work with.
Firstly, Kim has helped me achieve more than I thought I was capable of and I feel stronger than I ever have and I`m finally starting to believe in myself.   My confidence and knowledge of nutrition has given me the confidence to achieve results I never thought possible.
Training is never boring with Kim and she pushes me to a new high everytime and improvises the sessions according to how I am feeling.
As well as being an accomplished trainer Kim is also a fully qualified sports therapist and has helped sort out some issues I had with my shoulder. Her knowledge of the body is first class and I feel I am in really safe hands.
Lastly, Kim is lovely to be around and never intimidating and is courteous and professional at all times with a great sense of humour and motivates me during every session.  During lockdown I have been using the zoom classes which I was very reluctant to do but I am so pleased that I did as I have found it very beneficial to both my confidence and my training.  The only negative issue is I wish I had come across move4fitness years ago.
I cannot recommend Kim enough and I am looking forward to what the next few months hold for me."

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