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 I have been training with Kim for about 2 years now - never had a boring session, great motivation and nutritional advice, too! Depending on how your day was she will always find the right type of exercises for you. Perfect training mix ranging from pure bodyweight training, TRX, HIT to blasting sessions of kick boxing :) ! Loved the 6 Pack / Bodyblast programme so much that I actually did it twice last year – really intense but the lasting results were well worth the extra effort. Keep it up Kim!!



Kim was the first personal trainer I ever worked with and, as they say, you never forget your first! Kim truly opened my eyes to the art of training smartly. Kim not only helped me to overhaul my body, whiping me into shape over the course of six months, but she also gave me the building blocks I so desperately needed that forever changed the way I approach working out. Kim also changed my views on diet and helped me to see food as a means of fueling my gains and energizing my body. If you’re looking for a trainer who will push you (not always telling you what you want to hear), someone who will thoughtfully guide your body’s transformation and get you the results you’re looking for, work with Kim.



Actually it is sad to see you leave Kim. You put me in the right path and helped me to make fitness a part of my routine. And I'm keen on continuing my journey.



I am now training for 2 years with Kim and was never boring. Every week another exercise. The nutrition program in november was really amazing! Thank you so much!​



Absolutely loved the Bodyblast program (the program formerly known as the 6 Pack Program!). Bloody hard work, but results were great, and1 I have (mostly) kept up the nutrition component. Anyone who finds themselves suffering from post-christmas excess baggage should give it a try



I've trained with Kim for a few years off and on, with 1 to 1 PT sessions, group sessions and also in preparation for my wedding!  The training was always tough, from hardcore weight training to intense abs. I achieved brilliant results and I can't recomend her highly enough!  Thanks Kim!



Kim you have been for me the absolute perfect trainer both from your skills and your personality. Helping me from not being able to move my knees to running marathons (not to mention to juggling my stress at work!) I am really, really grateful for the time we had together.



Best PT in the world! Thanks for changing my life with your training. Hugs Nick



Training with Kim is amazing! thanks to her exercise is now a regular and important part of my life and I feel so much better for it! Every session is different and she always motivates you to give it your best..



You are awseome!  We're so sorry you're leaving as we've rreally enjoyed your circuits sessions so much.   Best of luck for your future!

Christina & Rob


Kim I can't thank you enough for getting me through the last 8 months, I've learned so much from you and am definitely on the right track to getting back to my former self. I will miss our sessions. 



Really sad to see you go after 2 years training together.  I've learnt a lot - especially about important nutriition is - I always underestimated that! Great training sessions - always different, and challenging.  It's been great !



I always get a brilliant thorough workout with Kim. She gets to the muscles I never knew I had. Been trained by Kim for a few years now and finally bit the bullet to get some individual personal training - and am amazed how much can be done in 30mins! I also followed a 3 week exercise and food programme in October. Not only did I feel toned and reenergised, but my posture improved too. The studio´s also really well equipped, friendly and very close to Munich centre..



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