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Villa Luna, Sant Feliu de Guixols

British Personal Trainer, British Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist, British lifestyle coach

Because of my age and type of work, I have already "worn out" a number of physiotherapists.

Last week, by a coincidence, but coincidence does not exist, I ended up with Kim.

Never has a therapist asked so carefully about symptoms and overall well-being first as Kim.

Only after 15 minutes of asking, examining and ruling out, she began a brief treatment after a clear explanation and explanation.

Unbelievable but after just 10 minutes of treatment and massage, I was pain-free, from a nasty nagging pain in the lower back that I had been walking around with for a month.

After advice for some simple exercises to do at home, I am completely pain-free.

Got better advice from Kim than from my GP.

Kudos to Kim. Highly recommended, committed and adequate and pleasant treatment!!!

Thank you Kim.

Dragan Kaliscuk

Property Manager

British Personal Trainer, British Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist, British lifestyle coach

Rechtes Knie wieder super hinbekommen. Muskuläre Verhärtungen, hat Kim durch gezielte Dehnung, und Massage wieder komplett gelöst. So gut wie schmerzfrei heute Morgen aufgestanden, und konnte das Knie wieder normal belasten ohne zu humpeln

Danke Kim!

EN: Got my right knee great again. Muscular strengthening, Kim completely resolved through targeted stretching and massage. Woke up as good as pain-free this morning, and was able to strain the knee back to normal without limping

Thank you Kim!

Sarah Byrne

MD Mosaic Events

Heading 6

Kim has now been my PT for the past 4 months and I would thoroughly recommend her to others. Kim has a huge amount of experience and certification and ensures your plan works to exactly what you need. I originally met Kim for a sports massage due to a bad back and then started training with her, I no longer have a bad back which is down to her bespoke training plan. When starting I couldn’t lift or had no core strength, I now lift weights, do planks and lots of other things I never thought I would do!! Kim is a true professional, I thank my lucky stars I received a recommendation from friend for her services which I am now passing onto others!! Book her.ersonal Trainer, Online trainer, sports therapist, massage therapist

Colin & Jane Fenwick

Retired Couple

Heading 6

Really first class - thorough assessment and monitoring - sessions geared to individual need with encouragement and correcting posture as required. Kim is super professional and qualified with great knowledge about the body and how muscles should work. My husband and I have been working with Kim for over a year and can see real changes in muscle development and body tone. Having osteo arthritis the exercise builds muscle and eases pain. Gentle build up using a range of weights and exercise - this for someone who has done no real exercise for 50 years! During recent lockdowns we have been able to continue, using Zoom and believe me she is just as thorough.  Personal Trainer, Online trainer, sports therapist, massage therapist

Nikos Sotirakopoulus

Senior Lecturer

Heading 6

Working with Kim has significantly enhanced the quality of my everyday life. Having dealt with low-back pains for more than a decade, the things I could do workout-wise were limited to some non-dynamic lifts, and I had given up on things like sprints and martial arts. In our first meeting Kim gave me an evaluation that spotted the source of the problem, and came up with a regime of massage and stretching that would make things better. Within 4 months I had returned to martial arts (after 12 years), and added things in my workout, like squats, that were never part of my routine.
Part of her success is based on how she keeps herself informed about new trends in her field, updates her toolkit, and studies the science of human body and sports therapy. Beyond being a great professional, Kim is also a great person to be around, cares about the client, has booked sessions on short-notice in cases of injuries, follows up the sessions with advice through text etc.
Overall, Kim is passionate about healing people, and her customers benefit from it.

Jon Mullender


Heading 6

I've trained with Kim for a numbers years off and on, with 1 to 1 PT sessions, group sessions and also in preparation for my wedding!  The training was always tough, from hardcore weight training to intense abs. I achieved brilliant results and I can't recommend her highly enough!  Thanks Kim!

Andrea Stark


Heading 6

My experience of working with other trainers prior to training with Kim often left me feeling confused and resentful and I never reached my full potential.  Kim has shown me that training doesn`t have to be painful and your nutrition doesn`t have to mean eating like a bodybuilder. My form was not good after years of bad training and I am capable of so much more now that I have the correct techniques to work with.
Firstly, Kim has helped me achieve more than I thought I was capable of and I feel stronger than I ever have and I`m finally starting to believe in myself.   My confidence and knowledge of nutrition has given me the confidence to achieve results I never thought possible.
Training is never boring with Kim and she pushes me to a new high everytime and improvises the sessions according to how I am feeling.
As well as being an accomplished trainer Kim is also a fully qualified sports therapist and has helped sort out some issues I had with my shoulder. Her knowledge of the body is first class and I feel I am in really safe hands.
Lastly, Kim is lovely to be around and never intimidating and is courteous and professional at all times with a great sense of humour and motivates me during every session.  During lockdown I have been using the zoom classes which I was very reluctant to do but I am so pleased that I did as I have found it very beneficial to both my confidence and my training.  The only negative issue is I wish I had come across move4fitness years ago.
I cannot recommend Kim enough and I am looking forward to what the next few months hold for me.

Matt Scholl

Executive Director

Heading 6

Kim was the first personal trainer I ever worked with and, as they say, you never forget your first! Kim truly opened my eyes to the art of training smartly. Kim not only helped me to overhaul my body, whiping me into shape over the course of six months, but she also gave me the building blocks I so desperately needed that forever changed the way I approach working out. Kim also changed my views on diet and helped me to see food as a means of fueling my gains and energizing my body. If you’re looking for a trainer who will push you (not always telling you what you want to hear), someone who will thoughtfully guide your body’s transformation and get you the results you’re looking for, work with Kim.

Catherine Adamson

Author, Mentor, Speaker

Heading 6

Kim has been an absolute Godsend to me! I needed a huge amount of support last year leading up to doing a personal challenge which involved a very long walk with 11kg on my back.

It was tough but Kim's expertise as a personal trainer and sports masseur was invaluable.

I struggled with injury before my walk and two weeks before I set off I couldn't even put my right foot down without a lot of pain - Kim completely sorted me out!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kim to anyone needing personal training or sports massage. She's amazing, knows her stuff inside out, and most of all she gets results!

Kath Wood

School Governer

Heading 6

As always a very professional service. Kim had ensured that all precautions were taken with regards to COVID protection and brought significant relief to a painful back with a thorough massage. Many thanks!

Emily Smith

Sports Massage Therapist

Heading 6

I saw Kim for treatment on my shoulders and neck, as a therapist myself I try to get regular treatment. Kim was super professional, welcoming and made me feel I was in safe, knowledgeable hands. She did a proper assessment first and determined what may have been causing my tension and treated me accordingly with a variety of techniques. I left feeling looser and happier and am still feeling the benefits a few weeks on. I would highly recommend as both a massage therapist and personal trainer as she really knows her stuff! Thank Kim :)

Rob Lennox

Senior Advocay Coordinator

Heading 6

Fully recommend Kim for PT & massage!


- Kim has been kind and helped improve my fitness and strength...

- She takes the stress out of managing my fitness routines. I don't have to think about anything other than my screaming muscles...

- Kim will take pride in making you hurt...

- But she'll fix me when I break myself...

- She's flexible, friendly, understanding...

- She's on hand to help with loads of useful advice!


- She tries to make me sing.

Cristina Zeitler

Portfolio Manager

Heading 6

 I have been training with Kim for about 2 years now - never had a boring session, great motivation and nutritional advice, too! Depending on how your day was she will always find the right type of exercises for you. Perfect training mix ranging from pure bodyweight training, TRX, HIT to blasting sessions of kick boxing :) ! Loved the 6 Pack / Bodyblast programme so much that I actually did it twice last year – really intense but the lasting results were well worth the extra effort. Keep it up Kim!!

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