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ICF Transformational Coach | Lifestyle Coach | Fitness Coach | NLP Practitioner | Munich

Coaching helps you maximise your true potential by uncovering the knowledge you already have, but can't quite access - it's almost like driving through fog, knowing there is a road ahead and a destination you want to reach, but it's too foggy to make out which way to go.  Transformational coaching is all about helping you to clear that fog so you can see your path more clearly and reach your ultimate destination.

I have more than a decade of experience in coaching and mentoring clients to make positive changes to their health, fitness and lifestyle, by enabling my clients to understand how to achieve their goals and maintain their new choices and I'm pleased to be able to offer coaching for professionals and businesses.

In addition to my experience, I have completed professional training with an ICF accredited course in transformational coaching, and am a certified practitioner of NLP, helping you to overcome fears, negative emotions and create strategies for positive change.

If you're keen to learn how to develop your mind whether for personal reasons, or professional, I'd love to hear from you +34 651 924 973

I have also recently completed courses to become an NLP Coach and NLP TimeLine Therapy Practitioner, giving me access to an extensive toolkit designed specifically to help you make positive changes to your life and enable you to become the best possible version of you whether it's for personal or professional aspirations.

Coaching and mentoring services are available worldwide online by zoom or your preferred platform, or by phone.

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