Weight management...


....is not just about LOSING weight, it can also be about
maintaining the same weight, or increasing weight.


Body weight incorporates fat, muscle and water and when we are trying to change the dynamic of our body we need to understand exactly which of those three elements we are really trying to change.


The first thing to do is to understand what it is you want to achieve in order to 'Define Your Goal'

This is a simple example of how to define your goal and climb the steps to success..


Example 1:
You are happy with your body shape, but have noticed that a couple of extra pounds adds more weight to your face.

Simply changing your eating habits could be enough to achieve your goal in this instance...


  • Goal:  Lose 4lbs of FAT by reducing calorie intake and improving eating habits, over a period of 8 weeks, in order to lose some fat and reduce amount of water being retained (aim for 0.5lb per week)

    • *Goals must be realistic!

  • Plan:  Work out how many calories you would need to reduce just to lose 1lb of fat so you get a rough idea of how many calories you would need to lose 4lbs of fat over 8 weeks.

    • Think about the types of foods you eat or drink.

    • Is there anything that might add 'water' to the body, giving a more bloated look and adding extra weight?  Identify the types of foods / drinks you need to reduce/omit.

    • Write a food plan for the next two weeks.

  • Action: Put measures in place that will allow you to check your start point and outcome

    • Weigh yourself and where possible, take a photo.

    • Write down your weekly goal.  

    • Go shopping and buy ingredients.

    • Stick food plan to the fridge.

  • Stick: Tick off your progress against your food plan and your weekly goal

    • Are you sticking to the goals you have set or do you need to adjust them​ - too harsh, too easy, not realistic?

    • keep checking your progress - alter as necessary to ensure you meet your goal

  • Success: In 8 weeks you will have achieved your goal if you followed the steps above.



Ultimately, changing your body is about understanding,
planning and having the correct mindset.


If one of these 3 elements is missing
you will struggle to succeed.



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