Sports and Remedial Massage

Sciatica, tennis elbow, tension headaches, lower back pain, sore knees, plantar fasciitis; if you regularly find yourself struggling with aches and pains that make life unpleasant, a sports or remedial massage could be exactly what you need.

A variety of techniques are used to help people in pain, by working to relieve over active muscles which put added stress on joints, which in turn causes aches and pains. Over active or short muscles can cause the body to move in the wrong way, or to stand in the wrong way. A prime example is rounded shoulders, caused often these days, by people sat hunched over a computer screen. The muscles across the chest and in the arms shorten, causing the opposing muscles to weaken. This causes an imbalance in the structure of the body, which in turn causes pain, such as burning sensations or aches; such as the likes of tennis elbow, sciatica or headaches. Many of these can be relieved fairly quickly with the right treatment and exercise advice.

Book your session now and say goodbye to unwanted niggles.

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