Strength & Conditioning Coach

I'm so excited to be attending the strength and conditioning course with the Elite Performance Institute in June in just two weeks time!

What will this give me as a fitness professional and how will it benefit my clients?

The course provides the latest in lifting techniques, ensuring my training techniques are up to date in order to provide the safest and most current training methods for my clients.

It will show me new techniques for addressing postural related issues (corrective exercise), and how to ensure the athletes that I work with will benefit from the latest information in helping them to achieve, not just their goals, but beyond what they could hope to achieve!

Roll on 2 weeks!! oh, and can we get a summer at some point this year as well....PLEASE..!!

KIM ;-)

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07:00am - 20:00pm


(please note other times may be catered for subject to a surcharge)

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