Substitute sauce / gravy: healthy, vegetarian, delicious and 100% nutritious!

I'm quite often banging on about using beetroot as a good base for sauces for your everyday meals, and last night I created a new one that is just divine, so I thought I'd share!

You could use this as a bolognese sauce subsitutue - it's so rich and delicious, and unbelievably good for you!!

You could also add this as your chilli (con carne) base, or even as a 'gravy' for your Sunday lunch if you're preparing dark meat. It might be a bit heavy for chicken - but who knows, you might enjoy it as well!!

Recipe: I'm a bit of a 'chuck it in' kinda girl, so I never weigh out quantities, but basically:

1 beetroot (the vacuum packed cooked type you buy in the fresh veg section)

A big handful or two of spinach

A yellow pepper (this needed to be used up, so it went in!)

A couple of handfuls of small, sweet tomatoes

1 roasted baby squash (very small!) - I already had this cooked in the fridge

Add these all into a food blender and blitz so you get a nice thick but liquid substance.

Add to a pan to heat through.

I added a dollop of butter (to add depth of flaviour and creaminess)

A sprinkling of pink salt

A couple of teaspoons of Turmeric - to improve the colour

1 whole lime squeezed in (I added a half first, tasted, then added a bit more). This just lifts the sauce a little, as it can be quite an 'earthy' taste with the beetroot and spinach.

Simmer so all the lovely flavours cook and the foods break down (it reduces the 'grittiness' of the spinach leaves)

Add to whatever you want. You could also freeze for another day!

I added mine to pasta after I'd made this and it was just delicious. Today I browned some sliced button sprouts, spring greens and asparagus, flaked almonds, then added a few strips of lean pork, before topping off with this sauce! It was sooooo tasty! I should have taken a picture, but it didn't last long enough ;-( sorry!!

Enjoy and please let me know what you think of it..!!

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