Who said healthy was boring..?

Yummy Healthy Flapjacks - Kimmy stylie..!

ps - I don't measure - I just go with the flow, so add what you feel looks right..!

Step 1: Add a lump of coconut oil, a large scoop of peanut butter (meridian whole peanuts with skin) and some agave syrup / honey or maple syrup to a pan - heat through until all melted. I also like to add rhubarb to mine - cook off separately, then add to the pan and stir through. I've also added bananas, blueberries (fresh), and kiwi's - up to you ;-))‏

Step 2: Add some fine and also medium oats to a mixing bowl, plus golden linseeds, flaked almonds, amarynth and quinoa (all totally optional). I also usually add cranberrys and sunmaid rasins (natural, no oil!) - but you can add anything you like. Mix up and then poor your melted mixture over and stir in - make sure it's wet and sticky, but not runny!‏

Step 3: Line a tin with greased baking paper. Pour in your mix, and flatten ( I use a masher to push the mixture flat).‏

Step 4: Add to a pre-heated over (180c) for approximately 50 mins, then lower then heat to 100 for another 10-15 mins.

Take out of oven and let cool. Then slice into small pieces - they're filling, and should be moist, but not too sweet or heavy ;-))

These are a great breakfast, snack or fantastic as an energising pick me up if you've having a hard day hiking / cycling or climbing.

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