Yummy minced beef

Minced beef is so easy and quick to prepare, and children (generally!) love it!

Here's what I did with mine tonight...

Fry off the mince using a pan that doesn't stick, so you don't need any oil at all...! There's enough fat in mince to not worry about adding more!

I had a few baby plum tomatoes and some mini sweet chilli beetroot in my frdge that needed to be used up, so I blended them together with 2 carrots, some cabbage and bucket of Kale and half a courgette.

Add that to your browned mince - chuck in a handful of garlic and let it cook!

Your children won't have a clue that it's packed with good veg at this point....they won't notice a thing, nor be able to 'pick' bits out as it will all disappear into the background while cooking!

Add any additional veg you might like - I've added more carrots for a good bit of crunch, some more kale (cos it's just soo good!) and a bit more courgette. Simmer gently until the veg are cooked to your taste. For me, it's still while they have a bite to them!

Add to this some lovely wholewheat fusilli and you have a lovely pasta and minced meat dish!

bon appetit!

:-) x

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