Break the Fast!

Have you ever wondered why breakfast is so important when we're trying to lose weight?

Yes? Then please read on, and hopefully it will all become clear...

After 6 - 8 hours of sleep, our body is in serious need of fuel to enable it to function. The brain (the single hungriest organ in th body!) will demand it, and if we don't give it a new input of nutrients it will take energy from our protein stores (amino acids) to ensure it is fed.

Does this really matter, I hear you say. What difference does this make to me?

Probably the most crucial element to losing weight (fat) is to change the dynamic of the body. We want more 'lean' mass (muscle) and less fat mass. The more muscle we have, the more calories we will burn whether we're sleeping, working or training, which is great news for us! The more calories our bodies burn naturally , the easier we can maintain or lose weight!

In short muscle is very important in helping us to lose weight.

If we don't re-fuel our body after such a long 'fasting' period, the body will break down muscle protein in order to fuel the body. Let me repeat that, just in case you missed the key message there...

The body will BREAK DOWN MUSCLE in order to fuel the body...

To avoid losing your very important muscle, it's important to BREAK THE FAST!

I know a lot of people don't want to eat when waking. I used to be the same, but I've trained myself to get used to eating within an hour of waking. Also, it's important to realise that you don't need to eat a huge meal..! A boiled egg, a banana or a slice of toast Something to fuel the body and stop it burning our muscles will all help. Then just top up with something nice and healthy as soon after waking as you can.


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