Christmas temptation

Are you tempted? This is the time of year where people tend to over-indulge, so here are a few tips to help you stay in control, while still enjoying yourself

1. Stop and think before you eat / drink:

> are you only eating/drinking it because it's 'there'

> how much have you had already?

> make a conscious decision about what you're going to eat or drink. If we have a plan, we are more likely to be aware of what we're doing, so give it a little prior thought.

2. Move temptation out of reach:

> if something is in front of us we're more likely to eat more than we realise. Simply moving it out of sight and out of reach can reduce the amount you consume.

> 'hop, skip or jog' to naughty stuff - if you want it, work for it! It's not much, but it will make you move a little more and anything at all that gets the heart rate up, and the muscles working, is good!

3. Have a think about how much 'naughty' stuff you REALLY need to have in the house.

> Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean we have to go totally crazy. it's nice to have a few extra nice things around, but you don't need enough to feed a family of 10 (unless you're a family of 10!)

4. What other 'nice' things you can do as a family, that don't include sitting in front of the TV, over-eating and drinking.

> how about going to the mountains/beach for a nice walk or bike ride?

> how about turning the TV off and playing 'Twister' - or some other fun games that encourage more 'family time' and some fun activity.

Christmas is a time for fun, family, friendship and festivities - these are more important than sweet treats, fatty, salty foods or alcohol ;-)

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