Losing Weight - it's easier than you think (with some hard work from you!)

Do you think that the best way to lose weight (fat!) is to starve, stop eating fat altogether or stop eating carbohydrates...?

If you do, then you'll probably be extremely pleased to know that this is totally the wrong way to go about it!

As well as being an experienced Personal Trainer who specialises in changing your body shape, I'm also a NASM accredited Weight Loss Specialist. (National Academy for Sports Medicine), and I can tell you now to ignore all the nonsense you hear in the papers, on TV, on the internet!

Losing weight (fat is the key element we're really talking about here!) is not some complicated science, neither is there a slimming pill, shake or machine that will 'safely' and permanently do this for you.

Altering our bodies to reduce the fat and to keep that fat off comes from 2 things, and 2 things alone:



Yes, it is also possible to reduce your body weight with just nutrition, however it's harder (it is!), and it's more difficult to keep to that weight without any form of exercise!

It is also possible to reduce your body weight with just exercise, however it is harder and more difficult to keep that weight without any form of good nutrition.

Do you see the key here..?

The key is nutrition and exercise.

It’s always been the key, always will be the key, and is the single BEST WAY for you to achieve your weight loss gains, AND look in the mirror and be happy with those weight loss gains.

There are various reasons as to why we start to put weight on as we age. One of the simplest reasons is that we tend to stop moving as much as we did in our younger years, teens and 20’s. We tend to get ‘comfortable’ and stop going out and about as much. Because of this, we tend to store more of the energy (food) that we would previously have burned off, yet we continue to eat at the same rate, or we eat more!

Simply eating better foods alone, will help, but will not resolve the ever decreasing metabolism in our bodies as we age. Our muscle mass reduces, the sex hormones in our body decline (this has an effect on our bodies too!!), our energy levels decline. All of this leads to us storing more of the foods that we eat, and it’s usually stored as fat!

To help keep the metabolism stimulated, it’s important to give the body good, healthy foods – including good carbohydrates! These are essential macronutrient that helps energise the BRAIN! There is no reason, whatsoever to stop eating carbs, unless you are a bodybuilder in the last few weeks before competition. It is DANGEROUS, and can leave you feeling hungry, dizzy, confused – oh, and you may end up in a coma if your body goes into a dangerous state of ketosis!!

It is also very important to help maintain good muscular structure in the body as the more muscle we have, the more energy we burn – even when we’re sleeping!! Really muscular guys eat anywhere around4000 calories a day – just because they burn off food so quickly! They don’t consume 4000 calories of burger king or junk food! They consume 4000 calories of meats, vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, seeds and good fats…oh, and they exercise J

To lose weight and keep it off, we need to ensure we eat exercise regularly and get a good night’s sleep!

Burn off as many foods as you eat, and you will lose weight.

Eat more than you burn, you will add weight.

Keep them both the same, you will stay the same weight.

That is the science behind losing weight. Anything else really is nonsense – any questions, feel free to give me a call, or subscribe for my newsletters, for more no-nonsense information. Kim J

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