Move 4 Fitness Services

Please find the list of services available to you both in-person and online*

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me via mobile +33 667 4949 34 or email:

In-person sessions are held at my private studio in Saint Cernin de Labarde, 24560.

Online sessions / treatments are offered using your preferred platform; zoom / google meet / skype, for example


(*excluding kinesiology taping and massage)

Price List 2022

Personal Training / Corrective Exercise

30 mins @ €35

45 mins @ €48

60 mins @ €60

The price includes and a free initial consultation and regular assessments of weight, physique and includes guidance in nutrition and lifestyle.

Massage Therapy

30 mins @ €35

45 mins @ €48

60 mins @ €60

90 mins @ €85

Price includes health pre-screen.

Clients are asked to wear suitable underwear for their treatments:

no briefs, no treatment!


Coaching, 1 hour

Lifestyle                  @ €80

Health & Nutrition. @ €80

Business                 @ €80

Group coaching.   @ €150 *max 4 people

*price on application for larger groups

Kinesiology Taping

Existing clients @ €5

New clients @ €25

(includes assessment)

Individual / customised sessions

Nutrition Consultations @ €80

Personal Training program @ €150

*includes 1 hour of training with Kim + personalised printout of exercise program + follow up session

Personal Training

Personal training is exactly what is says - it's working with each client individually to help them achieve their specific goal. Goals aren't always about losing weight or adding muscles, or running a marathon, but can quite simply be about feeling better when they look in the mirror, or how they feel on a daily basis 

Corrective Exercise / Remedial Therapy

This is almost a default service with Personal training as in order to help somebody to become strong, you have to ensure the body is in balance - which means ensuring that the muscles in the body are working in harmony with each other.  This ensures less likelihood of injury and usually an automatic reduction in undiagnosed or chronic conditions, such as lumbago, sciatica or plantar-fasciitis.  Corrective exercise involves utilising my extensive anatomical and bio-mechanical knowledge to determine where these imbalances might be, and how to correct them with the right kind of training program - working with steady progressions at the appropriate time to ensure the best outcome for your body. 

Massage Therapy

With 3 years of massage study including a year of complementary therapy (Swedish, pregnancy and deep tissue), a year of Sports & Remedial Massage therapy and a year at University studying Sport & Exercise Therapy, I am skilled in providing safe and effective massage treatments to alleviate tense muscles and bring a sense of wellbeing and pain reduction* 
*please note that remedial massage can only be provided by the French kinês, so while I am able to offer a comprehensive list of complementary massage, I will not be able to provide you with a remedial massage, however I am able to utilise the additional techniques that can help to increase joint mobility, which in turn can reduce pain, increase flexibility and get you on your feet, such as muscle energy techniques and athrokinematics (movement of joint surfaces to help lubricate and loosen stiff / aching joints)

Kinesiology Taping

Taping has become a popular aid for athletes over the years, but it isn't just for the sporty - it's also a great tool for anyone with aches, strains and even chest infections!  The jury is still out on exactly how this helps, but many people find this a beneficial aid and the suspected benefits are that it's supports injured joints and/or muscles and allows fluids to move more freely with improved circulation, bringing new oxygen rich blood while helping support they lymphatic system.


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Let's Work Together

If there are any services that are not listed, but I might be able to help you with, please do get in touch. If I can't help you personally, I may know someone who can...