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Why people choose to work with a personal trainer..

There are many reasons but mostly it’s because people find they continually fail to meet their goals and are frustrated with not knowing why, or how to make the changes that will bring them results.
The most typical scenarios are:

  • They go to the gym, or to regular exercise classes, they eat well, but still they don’t see any changes.

  • They don’t feel comfortable training in a gym or attending classes as perhaps they feel uncomfortable as a result of a poor self-image.  Perhaps they are overweight and feel as though gyms are just for skinny women or muscle bound men


Of course there are many other scenarios, such as athletes who want additional help training for a specific goal like marathons, tough mudder events, or to be fit enough to be picked for the local football team.

Sometimes people just need help to get out of the comfort zone, and I help you do it in a fun way!

Here are just a few of my clients success stories, (pictures used with kind permisision) 

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Shayn Wk7 Move 4 Fitness PT

Move 4 Fitness Personal Training YORK before and after results