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Why people choose to work with a personal trainer..

There are many reasons but mostly it’s because people find they continually fail to meet their goals and are frustrated with not knowing why, or how to make the changes that will bring them results.


If you think 'yes' to one of the following scenarios, then it's likely you would benefit from some 1:1 sessions:-

  • You go to the gym, or to regular exercise classes, you eat well, but still you don’t see any changes.

  • You started off great, saw some brilliant initial changes but now you can't seem to're stuck!

  • You don’t feel comfortable training in a gym or attending classes.  You're concerned that you're not good enough, that others will be staring at you, or that you would be embarrassed working out in front of other people.

  • You haven't got a clue what to do, or where to start. You don't like running and hate cardio machines generally, but have no idea what else you can do to in a gym or at home.

  • You have a very busy work life and need to ensure you can keep to your training routine by having regular appointments booked with you trainer - you don't have to think about anything while you're here! You want to just turn up and let your PT take care of the rest for you.

There are many other scenarios, such as athletes who want additional help training for a specific goal like marathons, tough mudder events, or to be fit enough to be picked for the local football team and there are a lot of people that just like someone else telling them what to do.

Sometimes people just need help to get out of the comfort zone, and I help you do it in a fun way!

Here are just a few of my clients success stories, (pictures used with kind permisision) 

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