Soft Tissue Therapy:


A variety of techniques are used by the therapist to relax the soft tissue in the body;
these can include massage, mobilisation of the joints & advanced muscle energy techniques (METs)

With today's lifestyle, many people find that they are stressed, unbalanced, tense and achey!  It can be difficult to unwind, not just mentally, but also physically.


Here's how soft tissue therapy can help...

  • Relaxation: at its very basic form soft tissue therapy offers a good way to relax, unwind and destress the entire body.

  • Circulation: it's quite common for people to suffer with poor circulation, leading to a build up of toxins in and around the body that can cause aches, pains and discomfort.  Massage helps to stimulate the blood through the body, increasing the blood flow, and increasing the bodies ability to remove waste products (toxins) that can accumulate, particularly around joints, such as knees, elbows and ankles.

  • Muscle Fatigue: if you are someone who performs a fair amount of exercise, it's common for the muscles to become fatigued, which results in tension building up.  Utilising techniques such as myofascial release and TriggerPointing can help to increase the blood flow, iron out 'knots' in the muscles and remove tension, allowing the muscles to work much more freely and effectively.

  • Posture & RSI: most of us find ourselves in a seated position these days, whether driving or working at a computer, and as a result our posture becomes compromised with additional stress placed on the spine and shoulders and neck, not to mention additional build up of pressure through joints in the wrists, fingers and knees.  Mobilisation of the affected joints and lengthening of the muscle fibres can help to alleviate the stress on these areas, preventing additional problems from occurring.



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