How to boost your energy levels in 6 easy steps...

1. Sleep The no 1 rule is you must get enough!! A dip in sleep has a knock on effect - your body needs time to recharge so do yourself a favour and get to bed by 10.30pm. Best way to manage this is to set an alarm to go to bed! We do it to get up.. why not do it to tell us to go to it..! 2. Eat breakfast It doesn’t matter how much, but get your day started the right way, with some fuel heading straight for that hungry organ - the brain! 1/2 banana 1 slice rye bread / toast 1 glass of milk A shake (pref homemade with real ingredients!) 3. Take a power nap Even so much as a 15 minute mid day nap will do wonders to boost your energy levels! Go find a quiet spot somewhere and close your eyes! Do

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