Fresh & Zingy Guacamole

If, like me, you're fed up to the back teeth of not knowing what's going in your favourite kinds of foods, such as dips, then here's a quick easy and delicious recipe so you take control of what's going in your food, and ultimately in your body!! Great as a dip with carrots, oat cakes, chicken - you name it! Take 2 large avocados - peel, de-stone, rough chop and pop in a bowl. Take a handful of baby plum tomatoes - wash and chuck in a blender. Peel 2 small shallots - chuck in a blender. Grab a nice big handful of fresh coriander - wash, and chuck in a blender. 2 limes - squeeze as much juice as possible out and I like to scoop out the flesh with a spoon as well. Add a twist of Pink Salt & P

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