Yummy minced beef

Minced beef is so easy and quick to prepare, and children (generally!) love it! Here's what I did with mine tonight... Fry off the mince using a pan that doesn't stick, so you don't need any oil at all...! There's enough fat in mince to not worry about adding more! I had a few baby plum tomatoes and some mini sweet chilli beetroot in my frdge that needed to be used up, so I blended them together with 2 carrots, some cabbage and bucket of Kale and half a courgette. Add that to your browned mince - chuck in a handful of garlic and let it cook! Your children won't have a clue that it's packed with good veg at this point....they won't notice a thing, nor be able to 'pick' bits out as it will al

Break the Fast!

Have you ever wondered why breakfast is so important when we're trying to lose weight? Yes? Then please read on, and hopefully it will all become clear... After 6 - 8 hours of sleep, our body is in serious need of fuel to enable it to function. The brain (the single hungriest organ in th body!) will demand it, and if we don't give it a new input of nutrients it will take energy from our protein stores (amino acids) to ensure it is fed. Does this really matter, I hear you say. What difference does this make to me? Probably the most crucial element to losing weight (fat) is to change the dynamic of the body. We want more 'lean' mass (muscle) and less fat mass. The more muscle we have, the

Kims Hearty Winter Stew Recipe

I'm currently tucking into a declious bowl of warming stew - just as well, as I've just come back in from walking my dog, and it is FREEEEZING out there.....oh, and a little bit wet!! I thought I'd share my recipe with you - it's totally healthy and full of good, natural ingredients! Prep time; 10 -15 minutes Cook time: 2 - 3 hours Meat: this is totally your choice. I've actually used a combo of beef and chicken, but it really is up to you! Vegetables: anything you like, but I like the following as key ingredients... potatoes swede carrots (I like lots of these!) parsnip brussel sprouts peas lentils - these are great for adding extra fibre and protein - and you don't even notice they're the

Christmas temptation

Are you tempted? This is the time of year where people tend to over-indulge, so here are a few tips to help you stay in control, while still enjoying yourself 1. Stop and think before you eat / drink: > are you only eating/drinking it because it's 'there' > how much have you had already? > make a conscious decision about what you're going to eat or drink. If we have a plan, we are more likely to be aware of what we're doing, so give it a little prior thought. 2. Move temptation out of reach: > if something is in front of us we're more likely to eat more than we realise. Simply moving it out of sight and out of reach can reduce the amount you consume. > 'hop, skip or jog' to naughty stuff -

Losing Weight - it's easier than you think (with some hard work from you!)

Do you think that the best way to lose weight (fat!) is to starve, stop eating fat altogether or stop eating carbohydrates...? If you do, then you'll probably be extremely pleased to know that this is totally the wrong way to go about it! As well as being an experienced Personal Trainer who specialises in changing your body shape, I'm also a NASM accredited Weight Loss Specialist. (National Academy for Sports Medicine), and I can tell you now to ignore all the nonsense you hear in the papers, on TV, on the internet! Losing weight (fat is the key element we're really talking about here!) is not some complicated science, neither is there a slimming pill, shake or machine that will 'safely' an

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