Childhood Obesity: the figures are scary! Are your children in danger?

The figures on childhood obesity in the UK are shocking and I find it alarming! It saddens me to see so many children being neglected when it comes to proper nutrition. When did it become okay to be too busy to cook a proper meal for our children, or pack them a healthy lunch? When did it become the norm for children to expect to eat rubbish instead of real foods that include meats, fish, fruits and vegetables just for the sake of an easy life..? Surely your children are worth the effort and 20 minutes of your time to cook them something proper after a long day at school.. So many healthy and delicious meals can be made as quickly as it takes to cook chicken nuggets and chips, or to run to t

Vegetables...they don't just look delicious and taste great....!

It's fair to say I am a HUGE vegetable fan..!! I love them... and it's just as well, as they are really so important!! Have a read of this interesting article...

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